About Us

From boardroom to bodega; C Street to C Suite, DME listens, analyzes, and sharpens the work so you can focus on big change.  We help clients invest in the wellness of individuals, families, organizations, and our environment. We aspire to help you empower people from all walks of life across our planet. DME brings wisdom and innovation to clients and those they serve, so more people learn, grow, connect, create, contribute, and thrive.


Dawn leads group prompts
Dawn leads peer gathering group writing and response

With over two and half decades of experience, DME Founder, President and CEO Dawn Ellis works hand-in-hand with leaders, communities, governments and businesses to help them improve lives. Her work empowers people and those who serve them.

As lead consultant in the firm, she facilitates a range of interactive work developed through her creative, systems change background. Her toolkit includes organizational  management, planning, qualitative and quantitative research, coaching, professional and program development, and design thinking. Dawn supports clients as they develop their own capacity to lead dynamic, improving organizations.  Her work with coalitions affects policies across the U.S. and abroad.

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Led by Dawn Ellis, the firm brings a variety of expertise areas to today’s rapidly changing times. Areas include:

Big Picture

  • Analyzing systems to strengthen and change them
  • Change management
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Innovation
  • National, state, and local policy
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational development

Community Development

  • Sustainability
  • Economy
  • Networks
  • Leadership
  • Public health and wellness
  • Socially responsible business

Capacity Building

  • Education: in-person, online, and hybrid
  • Professional development
  • Virtual learning
  • Peer networks
  • Rehabilitation


  • In-person, virtual, hybrid, self-directed
  • Professional development
  • Virtual learning
  • Peer networks
  • Rehabilitation

Social Justice

  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Access
  • Restorative Practices
  • Systems change
  • Implicit Bias training


  • Creative industries
  • Design thinking
  • Visual and performing, literary, and multidisciplinary arts
  • Culture
  • Makers
  • Libraries
  • Recreation

DME Affiliates

Pulling from a national network, Dawn M. Ellis & Associates develops teams to meet client needs.  DME Affiliates wear many hats within the public sector field and bring this experience to DME collaborations. Affiliate expertise includes statistical and research analysis, planning, coaching, creativity, and accounting.

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