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Services: Research

Dawn M. Ellis & Associates helps people use research to improve their work.

Research services include:

Inquiry: Dawn M. Ellis & Associates guides clients to ask questions that get to the heart of what their organizations need.  DME develops tools to help measure what matters, from assessing learning, mining community assets, to documenting program impact.  Focused on continuous improvement, Dawn M. Ellis & Associates builds client capacity to measure, monitor, and improve programs.

Evaluation: Formative or summative, DME partners with its clients to rigorously evaluate programs and services. Whether you give grants or seek funding, evaluation informs planning, work improvement, and tells your story.

Mixed Methods: Dawn M. Ellis and Associates can go both broad and in depth. Surveys and statistical analyses show trends.  Qualitative case studies, interviews, focus groups, authentic assessment and sociological studies probe how programs or services work.

Do It Yourself (DIY): Dawn M. Ellis & Associates partners with clients to enhance their own research and quality improvement efforts.  With tools, advice, external perspective, and additional analysis, DME takes your internal data collection to the next level.

Strategic Guidance: As a critical friend, DME provides action research for organizations helps clients apply research lessons in real time.  Dawn M. Ellis & Associates research projects become professional development opportunities for clients and their communities.

Logic Modeling: To help clients devise strategic interventions, communicate with funders, and plan for programs and evaluation, DME facilitates and mentors groups as they develop logic models to describe the thinking behind the work.  This approach clarifies why organizations offer their services and what they hope will come of the work, aligning ideas to practice.

Policy Bridge: Connecting research, practice, and policy, DME distills and disseminates lessons from research and promising practices. Formats designed for policy makers and the general public.

Wide Range: Services range from basic and policy research for governments to formative and summative evaluation for organizations. We can tailor services to meet a wide array of capacities, from the international non governmental organization to the part-time not-for-profit.

Contact Dawn M. Ellis & Associates for a research partner to help you move forward wisely.