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Research: We help people use research to improve their work.

Basic and applied research, formative and summative evaluation, qualitative and quantitative, critical friend assistance, strategic guidance to improve practice, needs assessment, policy research, self-assessment tools, professional development to improve the field's use of research approaches, continuous improvement training and facilitation.

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Facilitation: We help people with different ideas work together.

Group work, teamwork, coalition facilitation, partnership building, common ground work, retreats, community building, creative brainstorming, conference design, training design.

Partnerships: We help organizations tap their network to solve problems.

Collective impact planning; partnership identification, training, and facilitation; partnership audits; coalition-building; peer networks; leadership structures; field analysis; network and systems analysis; philanthropic and funder convenings.


Social Change: We help people help those who have been left out.

Specialty services for small, rural, and culturally specific organizations; planning, program design, and training in inclusion, access, diversity, and social justice; intersections of arts and humanities with special education, health, and social services; student-centered learning; campaigns and mobilization plans.

Access: We help communities design service systems to include everyone.

Universal design; collaborative planning and development of programs around inclusion of people with disabilities, people with limited resources, people in temporary living conditions, and newly arrived Americans; family-friendly design.


Training:  We help businesses build the capacity of their people.

Peer networks, workforce development and training, executive coaching, human resources development, group and sector coaching, 360 degree review and analysis, seminars.

Education: We help communities improve the quality of their education.

Education systems reform, student-centered learning, school redesign, whole school reform, promising practices, educational learning communities, critical friend work, curricular alignment, home-school-community systems, learning in and out of schools, education leader professional development.

Learning: We help people create rich learning environments.

Educational design, learning communities, professional development, teacher and staff training, curriculum development, mentoring, institutes, presentations, seminars, panels, keynotes.


Innovation: We help businesses tap creativity to improve their work.

Design thinking, creative concepts for public relations, innovation generation, creativity consulting; brainstorming; integration of artful communication and content into planning and group work, change management, restructuring.

Planning: We help people chart a path to make a difference.

Program design, mission development, community development plans, coalition strategy, change management, restructuring, philanthropic intervention, community audits, cultural plans, cultural economic plans, access plans, strategic plans, individual and small group coaching.

Create and Reflect

Writing: We help people put ideas into words and action.

Copy, web, and print writing, case studies, grant review and design, proposal writing, literature review, research analysis, research translation for lay readers, executive summaries.

Culture: We help the cultural sectors connect, educate, and adapt.

Consulting with cultural organizations and communities, including arts councils, historical sites, museums, theatres, contemporary arts groups, dance companies, collaboratives, orchestras, individual artists and performers, multi-disciplinary groups, community arts organizations, libraries, parks and recreation, youth groups, cultural service organizations, arts and education brokers, arts and sustainability groups, and creativity and social service organizations.

Residencies: We help communities create, reflect, and adapt.

Residency design; resident organizational coach; scholar and research residencies; reflection and synthesis for conferences; partnership coaching and mentoring for staff; professional development; performing, visual, literary, and integrated creative residencies.


Leadership: We help people mobilize others to tackle tough problems.

Leadership development, community building, team work, executive and board coaching, big picture thinking, systems approaches, capacity building, policy development, analysis, linking research and policy, common ground identification, social media mobilization, virtual learning communities.


Healthy Communities: We help communities strengthen their social fabric.

Community planning; sustainability; SWOT analysis, social capital optimization; inclusion design; institutional optimization; safe spaces; intersection of healthy people and healthy environment; child-friendly community design; planning for healthy senior living; liveablility; walkability; participatory governance design; resilience planning.

Sustainability: We help businesses invest in people, planet, and the community.

Double-bottom and triple-bottom line consulting; interventions analysis to improve community and environmental investments; sustainability seminars and coaching; sustainable organization development; leadership succession planning; evaluation and metrics to measure mission-driven activities of a business; inclusion embedded in sustainability approaches; environmental justice; preventative health programs; food, waste, and energy systems improvement analysis; planning for site-based permaculture; engagement and facilitation of communities of interest.