Bent tree, light and mountains behind it

DME works closely with clients to help you turn tough problems upside down. When some see no way forward, we see the light falling trees reveal that makes way for new growth. Shifting crisis into reinvention. Challenge into opportunity. Making tough choices and finding new ways and partners to help you move forward.

A Wyoming teacher leader flashes a fun peace sign at the camera during some group work.
Wyoming teacher flashes peace sign during mobilization work


Side meeting

Working at the C-level, DME helps you clear the clouds and chart the new path forward with your team and partners. We bring deep listening, inclusive practices, and a strong commitment to build a client’s own capacity to revolutionize their work. We understand how people learn, no matter where they sit. In-person and online education, professional development- we design them with you to improve the quality of the learning or the adaptation.

Ms. Ellis drew on her wide variety of expertise in the work with us, and was always well prepared with national-level information from across fields and disciplines. She was also ready and willing to respond to our immediate needs, even if those needs changed at the last moment….. I recall a particular meeting…when she changed her entire presentation on the spot because the moment demanded flexibility. The work that was accomplished that night helped us to visualize and clarify our mission and vision, and continues to frame our approach ten years later….

State leader, Governor’s Task Force member


DME connects people to other people and ideas. From virtual and in-person peer support networks to campaigns, DME works with you to design meaningful and productive connectivity, no matter the geography of the organization or coalition.

Icebreaker poems at peer gathering
Personal ‘I am’ poems connect New England creative economy workers. Photo: Jeffrey Filiault/NEFA.


Board planning in Baltimore
A board retreat in Baltimore spurs new ideas and alliances to save infant lives.

When change is a hope – or a must– DME stands with you to see the possibility and chart the new directions. With qualitative and quantitative research review and analysis expertise, we help you stand tall, grounded in data. Even as change becomes the norm, DME helps clients design for sustainability, in the business, as well as its connections to people, family, community, and planet. Together, we help you build lasting investments in our community and society.

Ford's Theater new building
Ford’s Center for Education and Leadership built to bring Lincoln’s legacy into the future