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About Us

History and Scope:  Founded by Dawn Ellis in 1990 as a Vermont-based sole proprietorship focused on New England regional needs cultural sector, education, inclusion and access, DME has expanded its reach and services with impact from its work felt across the U.S. and internationally.  In the 2000's, Dawn M. Ellis and Associates, LLC incorporated, building research, policy, and strategic planning frameworks to address questions of quality, impact, and coherence in service delivery. 

Responding to changing needs in companies and our planet, by 2014 DME work evolved to support businesses and communities as well as individuals and families.  Service areas now include leadership training, economic development, action and learning networks, public health and recreation, and sustainability. Today, DME serves a range of entities trying to make a difference in our world - from public agencies, corporations and socially-responsible businesses, to philanthropies, nonprofit organizations, service associations, education institutions, and coalitions.

Whom We Serve:  Organizations with international reach, such as the Ford Foundation, John Snow, Inc. (JSI), VSA, and Ford's Theatre invited DME to use evidence to answer their questions and coach and guide their initiatives or work with the field. Service networks such as the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Vermont Farm to School Network, Council of Chief State School Officers, and various federal agencies turned to DME to evaluate, develop tools, and help peers learn from each other.

States and businesses seek DME assistance with planning, redesign, innovation, inclusion, and professional development.  You may find us connecting communities across California and the states, leading role playing in Vermont, or advising policymakers in Alabama. Look for us in Anacostia, learning from young people,or guiding design thinking in a Trenton government office. We've traversed Wyoming to coach a coalition and criss-crossed Tennessee to listen and lead focus groups. 

Aspirations:  From in the boardroom and the bodega, from C Street to the C-level suite, DME coalesces the collective impact of those striving for healthy, inclusive communities.  We help you invest in wellness of individuals, families, organizations, and our environment. We aspire to help you empower people from all walks of life across our planet to learn, grow, work, connect, create, contribute, and thrive. 

DME Founder, CEO and President: Dawn M. Ellis Biography.

DME Affiliates: DME taps a national network to bring high level expertise to specific project teams.