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We help you help others.

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With Dawn M. Ellis & Associates services...
Chart the path.
Cultivate creativity. 
Measure what matters. 
Tap your assets. 
Build capacity. 
Find new allies. 
Make the difference.
Inspire others.

We help you place the people you serve at the center of all you do.
A national consulting firm, DME helps organizations improve work that benefits people and communities. Services include facilitation, coaching, strategic planning, organizational development, research and evaluation, program design and redesign, education and learning communities, creativity and innovation, mobilization, and sustainability.  Across urban cities and suburban and rural towns, we support socially responsible and mission-inspired businesses, public agencies, nonprofits, philanthropies, and independent coalitions as they weave the fabric of healthy communities.

Dawn M. Ellis & Associates gives external insight to funders so they can catalyze change with their investments.  DME taps wisdom within organizations.  As a bridge, the firm connects research, policy, and practice, so leaders make better decisions.  DME crafts solutions to meet your needs, from international nongovernmental organizations to small rural nonprofits.

Let us help you help others.

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