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Dawn M. Ellis and Associates, LLC improves public good work through research, creativity, and technical assistance. Started by Dawn Ellis in 1990 as a Vermont based sole proprietorship focused on arts and humanities, education, and access, DME has expanded its reach and services.  In the 2000's, Dawn M. Ellis & Associates incorporated and added research, policy, and strategic planning to its portfolio to address a growing need in the field to address questions of quality, impact, and coherence. At the same time, the geographic reach expanded to serve clients across the United States.  Bridging silos in the sectors, the firm developed frameworks to help people design programs to serve whole children and whole families in need, as those served navigate school, health, social service, and rehabilitation programs, and life in their homes and communities. Today, DME's client base includes public agencies, philanthropies, nonprofit organizations, service associations, corporations and small businesses, schools, coalitions, and individuals. 

Organizations with international reach, such as the Ford Foundation, VSA arts, and Ford's Theatre invited DME to research and help guide debut funding or programming initiatives. Service associations such as the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, and the Arts Education Partnership and national agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts turn to Dawn M. Ellis & Associates for research, leadership, and learning community projects. States seek DME assistance with research, professional development, educational design, or inclusion work, including coalitions across California, Rhode Island and Alabama and agencies in Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee, and Wyoming.  At the local level, Dawn M. Ellis & Associates assistance ranges from logic modeling and strategic planning to educational design and facilitation; from coaching or creation of evaluation tools to program design. 

Nothing out of the box about it.  Dawn M. Ellis & Associates tailors its evidence-based services to meet your needs.  And, that helps you help people... better.

DME President Dawn M. Ellis Biography.

Ellis Research Contributions to national policy with the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

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